Our Profile and Plan

Local Trust have a defined ‘Pathway’ that has to be followed by all 150 Big Local areas to begin to access the £1 Million allocated to their area. As part of this pathway the Partnership Board have to write a number of documents describing the area (the Profile) and setting out what we want to do in the first two years of the project (the Plan). These documents have been submitted and approved by Local Trust and so we want to publish them so everyone can see what we have said and want to do. The documents will also be available on the Local Trust web site for our area

Our Profile is the overview document that is meant to describe our villages to someone who may be new to the area. You can download the profile by clicking on this link

Our Plan is the document that gives a short overview of the area and contains the main points from the consultation together with how we want to spend some of the £1 Million in the first two years of the project. You can download the plan by clicking on this link