Transport Study

When we did our original Big Local consultation some people had concerns that could broadly be described as transport related. So as part of our Plan for the first two years of the project we said that we would conduct a Transport Study to get some more detailed information on how people get about in their daily lives. From this we would hope to be able to see if there was something that could be done to improve things.

We have chosen a company called Tiller Research to do the work for us who are experienced in conducting studies and community transport related issues.

Part of this study is a questionnaire that we would like as many residents as possible to complete so that we can get an up to date picture of transport related issues in our villages.

As well as the questionnaire meetings are planned with local transport providers and other interested parties to get their views on transport in our area. When all the information has been collated we will publish a report of the findings on our web site together with any potential ideas for improvements.

Thank you to all those who have completed the questionnaire, we are now working through the responses to identify the key points and to work on the questions we need to ask the local authorities and transport providers.